PEF Grants

Portland Education Foundation’s volunteer board is committed to a tradition of awarding grants to teachers for the support of classroom innovation. We want Portland educators to feel their hard work is recognized and supported by the broader community beyond school walls. These grants are a way of recognizing, encouraging and supporting educators’ efforts to innovate and excel. By supporting better teaching, the grants are also a means to improve our students’ educational experiences.


Comprehensive Teacher Grant Report


Portland Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2009, is happy to announce they have awarded 25 grants for their 2013-2014 cycle.  The awards were given to 25 teachers and teacher teams in the Portland Public School District.   PEF President Mary Bennett added, “One of the most rewarding things we do as trustees of this foundation is to give out money to fund innovation in the classroom.  I am astounded at how small amounts of money can have such big impacts directly to the students.  My only regret is that we can’t do more.” 


All of the funding requests were compelling and worthy of attention, which made the selection process that much more challenging. Those chosen represent PEF’s best efforts to fund a broad range of innovative student experiences.


Portland Education Foundation is run by a volunteer board working to support the Portland Public School District by advocating for excellence in education, connecting schools and our community, and supporting students and teachers.  They are committed to making these kinds of grants and continue to increase both the numbers and funding amounts of grants as the foundation grows.


If you would like to volunteer for PEF or would like more information, please visit the PEF website,, or email PEF at If you would like to donate to this effort, please visit the donation page on to donate easily via PayPal.